About Philosophy and psychology

I spent many years going back and forth as to whether I should study Philosophy or Psychology. I came to the attention of Plato/ Socrates around 12 or 13 and I was sure that this was what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't give myself much choice in college. Doing only well enough in high school to enter two year programs (and a chance acceptance to St. Johns). I took my first psychology and philosophy courses in BMCC. Later on when I had to transfer to Medgar Evers they simply didn't have a philosophy degree, so it wasn't a real choice. Later on I heard rumors of them developing a B.A. in philosophy and I was ready to change my major but that soon got shut down and I was 'stuck' again with psychology. I soon found a new hero -Freud, and I was beginning to see myself a someone who wanted to help people case by case instead of hoping to find some mass cure neatly typed in to a book for the problems of society.
I still have a great deal of respect for philosophy and honestly in my spare time I listen to OU and other philosphy podcasts/ videos. Philosophy is still more interesting and more free but I look forward to sitting opposite an anxious client one day and saying "So how does that make you feel?"