Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The city of darker light (part 1)

The flashes were an everyday part of CDL. No one went to bed until they had at least three hours of flashes. It was a common place of enjoyment for everyone. But it simply wasn't enough for Yunice. There was a saying in the nation 350 flashes a day keeps the pain away. Yunice remembered the saying as she zapped a shot of anetka in her arm. The drug was more than instant gratification it was a chance to remember him. Anetka could take you anywhere sometimes bad sometimes good but it was worth the chance if she could see Hector again.
"You have the power to be free, if you follow me I can lead you to the fate of the bright future of Nation, The ony way to attain prosperity is to get rid of the enemy of progession" Junior posted the flyer up on the board. It was a chance to earn a little money from TOP. The security guard walked up behind him. Her pale skin and grey eyes pierced at him. Though her stocky body and folded arms demanded respect -or at least attention, He ignored her energy and kept his back to her.
"Take em' down" she insisted
He defiantly keeped his back to her though he knew the consequences of messing with the CDL authority...

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