Saturday, November 15, 2008

Proposition 8

Why do gays want to get married so badly? What do they think is going to change? Do they think that getting married while make being gay miraculously normal? Do they think that somehow if two men get married in a court that somehow their marriage is equal to a man and women who get married? Give me a break? Honestly I don’t care if gays get married in the court of law we live in a democratic nation. Honestly and truly I hope that getting married will finally make gays shut up. I am so tired of them asking for equality and rights, the whole premise is bogus. Nevertheless, I am afraid of changing the core of what a family is and the detrimental effects it could have on our society.
Being gay means to have sexually feelings for and involve yourself in sexual activity with people of the same sex, how can I discriminate someone based on what they do in their private lives? How could I ever know someone was gay or straight for that matter unless they told me? It is like saying someone is discriminating against me because I have five sisters, how would they know unless they delve I to my personal life. This is the problem with the premise of gays rights, for someone to shove their personally life in your face then demand you to accept. I am against people participating in actively homosexual lifestyles because I think it is abnormally and harmful to themselves. Nevertheless, if they never told me how I could discriminate against them. As a student of psychology I am also upset that the establishment has refused to let psychologist treat homosexuals who want to be straight.
So back to my main point: Why do homosexuals want to get married? I searched for an answer to my question online and of course, I found mostly B.S. Here is just a taste of it “All children deserve the stability and protections that come from having two parents who are legally bonded by marriage. Discriminating against children is wrong.” This quote was found on the human rights campaign website. How amusing, so somehow we are discriminating against children if we do not let gays get married. And it’s completely idiotic to say that children need to parents who are legally bonded. How would a child ever know their parents are legally bonded, this does not emotional effect the child. I have never seen my parents’ marriage license. I don’t know by any hard cold evidence that my parents are married, I wasn’t there. What I do know is the stability and comfort I receive from my two biological parents who love each other and have raised me. ‘Discriminating against children is wrong’, Oh yes use the ‘you wouldn’t hurt a child’ routine. Guess what gays; children do not simply need a two person home. Study after study shows that children who grow up in an emotionally stabile home with their biological parents fare the best in life.
How do gays think they can just throw biological parents out the way and children will grow up just fine? Every adopted child no matter how loving their parents is want to find their biological parents. In addition, sperm bank children are even worse off. This is the beginning of a societal apocalypse. Were all willing to watch the world destroy so we do not hurt anyone feelings.
Oprah Winfrey had a show not to long ago on first generation sperm bank kids. They range from teens to adults but the shared one thing, a look of anger on their faces. They all looked pisted off and unaware of themselves –lost and in despair. They are so much worse off then adopted kids because when they look for there father they find out he was donor #56. They find out that the man who is half of their being never even met their mother. They looked as if they no longer wanted to existence. This is what happens when you tamper with nature.
As bizarrely, old fashioned as it may sound, men and women are meant to be together not only to produce to children but to have health relationships with one another and raise those children. A young girl needs to see first hand how a man should treat woman. A boy needs to see first hand how men and women work together. How do we establish those relationships as a foundation if not in the home? Boys and girls need there fathers and mothers.
You cannot just erase the natural process of humanity: being married shows you how to be a good mother or father. Being raised by your mother and father shows you how to have good relationships with the opposite sex. The cycle continues on and on, so we raise productive families and decent societies. Societies in which people share a kinship with one another, created on the foundation of marriage. Men and Women have fundamental biological and behavioral differences if it wasn’t for child reproduction we would probably all be gay because it would be much easier. People of the same sex share core similarities and of course have a easier time getting along.
God made it so that humans cannot exist without men and women being together. Life cannot continue without men and women being together. If gays get married, and children are created in laboratories, and women raise babies on their own, and father bear no responsibilities it will come back to haunt us. Look at the faces of those sperm bank kids, look at the children who desperately search for their fathers (sometimes mothers) we are hurting them if we continue to allow individual interest to override common good.

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