Saturday, October 24, 2009

Poorboy George and Kim (1)

Pbg: hey kim whts up
R: hey whts up -hey why do you always call me kim?, my name Rakim
Pbg: (blank stare)
R: ?
Pbg: cause Rakim sounds to tough for you
Pbg: ...Why are we always hanging out on the stoop?
R:?, is this one of those moments where you go on and on analyzing the crap out of eveything until I have to make up and excuse to go back in?
Pbg: ... I always wandered why your Mama called you for dinner like this was leave to beaver
R: Well she actually does call me in for dinner -sometimes she text me, but I'll usually ignore it if I doing something more important
Pbg: Wht could be more important then my rants ... They always lead to a valauble lesson
R: you should really stop watching Mr Rogers -I mean the guys been dead for years its a little creepy that your still obsessed with him -
Pbg: That man was like a father to me when my dad left
R: O -shut up! Your Dad did not leave you. He was deployed -you should really get over that. You know some people actually grew up without there father. And you cry over him leavin for a few months here and there.
Pbg: ...... Do you have a dollar?
R: I am not giving you money to smoke
Pbg: I don't want it to smoke! I told you I quit -
R: No you said you quit cigarrates cause you didn't want to "put money back in to the man's hand", you didn't say anything about weed
Pbg: [sigh] you know my sister is pregnant?
R: Who doesn't?
Pbg: That's F'd up, how'd you know?
R: how didn't you?
Pbg: Wow that's really nice -I thought we where best friends?
R: How do you sounds son, and you think I'm a punk?
Pbg: Now I'm a punk for saying where best friends [sigh], but we are right?
R: Yeah we are, idiot
Pbg: Now I'm an idiot?
R: Yo son why are you so ridiculous right now
Pbg: The stoop is like the bridge between our past and our future
R: hmm
Pbg: Here we can live in both places and somehow only be in the present
R: Or because we both live in apartments and have no backyards to chill in.
Pbg: No, there something more then that
R: Ah -damn look at the time, I gotta go!
Pbg: Dinner?
R: Yeah
Pbg: Your not gonna invite me?
R: [sigh] Let's not make this an everyday thing

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