Monday, February 8, 2010

Consumer Drain

When the kindle came out I was beyond exicted. I look at the features over and over then at the many videos talking about how great they were. I was convinced! I told myself when I have enough money I was was going to get the kindle. Soon enough I had enough money and I set my eyes on it. Then, the Kindle Dx came out, it was bigger and could hold pdf's files -I wasn't quitÉ convinced that these features should result in the dramatic price increase.
For some reason I didn't purchase the kindle straight away. First I figured the price would go down then I just wasn't sure I needed it now. Soon after I decided I was unsure about the kindle -the Nook came out. Again I got my hopes up it was better looking the kindle and it was backed by my favorite book store. So again I set my sight on it. I told myself I'd get it for school. But the was a detterent that I couldn't quite get over, some of the books that I knew I would want to buy and read on my device weren't available in ebook form. This again got me to stray away from the product, also I felt that I should be able to watch movies and music videos on my device but that was not a feature.
I began wondering whether this whole ebook reader explosive was a worthwhile investment. Then I saw the device of my drems -the apple "ipad". As my sister showed me the device my eyes lit up with exictement. "This is what I've been waiting for" I exclaimed. Then I started making jokes that kindle and nook were things of the past and that apple was a genuis.
This device being a bit pricier I would really have to save up. The next day I woke up with an ipad hangover. My exictement was gone and I thought to myself "what exactly does this thing do again? It is as and man ither consumersave realized a bigger version of the ipod touch and a tablet version of a netbook.
Being that I had my netbook in the repair shop, I officially knew I did not want any of thes laptops. "Who said I wanted a new way to read?" "Who said it was okay to reproduce the same technology and call it innovative" and finally "Who said I needed more stuff?
I think the bubble of consumer yearning and spending has officially burst for me. I'm tired of waiting for some amazing technology that's gonna "change my life". I'm doing just fine, without it!

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