Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A: Ground zero mosque

I turned around, I could hear that the lady's voice beside me said
something in my direction.
"I thought you were muslim" she said
"I am" I said, then she repeated some perverted version of 'Asalamu
Alakum'. I smiled and said "hi".
"I respect your religion very much" she said. "Thank you very much" I
turn away then back "that's a very nice thing to say" I continue. "I
support the building of that mosque" she's says. Referring to the so
called ground zero mosque. The mosque that is being debated on
someone's living room couch this very instance. The cultural center
with a prayer room that is being built on park avenue. The one that
conservatives have built as a talking point and liberals have half
heartedly supported. The mosque that is a block or two from another
mosque. A mosque which has stood there peacefully without discussion
for about 40 years. Without discussion, without incident. My dear tv
friend Keith Oberman, the supporter of good old fashioned (real)
American values reminded me and his dear viewers of this mosque
existence. I almost wish that more liberals would bring this up. But I
fear they too may become a target for misguided fear and dissent, so
let's go back to forgetting about that little mosque so they can be
left alone. The woman on the bench supports the ground zero mosque,
and I support any mosque anywhere. Any place dedicated to the worship
of God should be built and left in peace. The train lady then goes on
to tell me some warped story of muslims and jews being cousin because
of Abraham having two wives and the wives where jealous, and Isaiah
said if you must kill me let me close my eyes.... No she was not the
most coherent of talkative train guest. "People are so near sighted"
she said at one point. And that was about the last one we agreed on.
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Men are nearly always willing to believe what they wish.
-Julius Caesar

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