Saturday, September 4, 2010

My comment to a blogger about Islam

Nuriddeen bint Yusuf has left a new comment on the post "20 Things You Should Know About Islam": 

I hope that one day you will find it in your heart to research islam from it primary sources: Quran and Hadith.Or even to bother and read a biography of the prophet (when the moon split of the sealed nectar). Maybe your heart will remain the same but at least then you'll have some factual information.
1. P. Muhammad (pbuh) lived in a time of abudant war and yet he never fought in a war until he was persecuted by his own people, fled, developed a muslim state (Medina) and they engaged in war with his former persecutors.
2. P. Muhammad was married in his twenties to a women in her forties (Khadija, ra) to whom he had all his children, he was married to her alone until she passed away.
3. Polygamy was already in existence before P. Muhammad, pbuh, yet he spent most of his life with Khadija until her death it was after this tha he married to women -one a widow and the other Ayesha
5. Ayesha was passed the age of puberty when their marriage was consumated, to us she may be a child but this was obviuosly not the case in their culture nor in islam. How is him consummating relation with his wife pedephilia or rape?
6. Do you know where the information about her age of marriage comes from? Her OWN words, the mention of her age is a part of a longer story where Ayeshe,ra, recalls her marriage with the prophet. She spoke highly of him and their life together she recalled this information in her sixties -so do you believe a part of her statement and not the rest?
7. Muslim are commaded to cover there entire bodies with lose clothing except their hands and face, the same way nuns dress the same way Mary the mother of Jesus dresses so why is one group exalted and modest and the other oppressed?
8. Fornication and adulterer IS punished by stoning to death. Guess how many people where stoned in the Prophet's lifetime? 2! Two people who confessed and asked to bear the punishment! Because in islam you need 4 witnesses of the actual act in order to punish the person and if someone lies on someone else tnen they themselves are punished
9. Rape? Rape is also punished by death in islam. Even a slave women cannot be forced in to having intercourse or in to marriage in islam.
10. What people, some muslims, DO is not always a reflection of islam. Rape, abuse, murder, inustice, terrorism all exist within muslim communities or countries but their perversion of islam is exactly that THEIR perversion.
11. In islam you cannot kill innocent people -women and children in war and you cannot attack a people for personal vengence. The quran speaks against trying to "take the law in your own hands"
12. Allah is the God of all, the eternal, the creator. If you ever meet an arab chritian ask them what they call God and they will say Allah, it is simply a translation.
13. Muslims do not believe in a God who begets children or a God who will allow certain people in to heaven simply because of their race so in that sense the attributions given to God by christians and Jews are no the same as the attributes of God in islam

Allah (God) alone gives success.

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