Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You don't have to push the "gay agenda" in schools to promote "tolerance"

Anderson Cooper- Do anti- bullying laws push anti- gay agenda? You know its kinda annoying that being black, being overweight and being gay are all mentioned in the same breath, 'sigh'. All mercy is from Allah, the All- powerful, the Wise. How great is Allah that he has forbidden oppression for himself and he has forbidden oppression for his creation.
How great would the world be if we submitted to the will of God and discontinued our oppression under our whims, the accursed, and this worldly life. From what I heard thought my bedroom door as I unsuccessfully try to fall asleep, another child has been a victim of oppression. This oppression he subjected is more commonly called bullying, and he has unfortunately given in to their hate, given up on this life, and allowed his soul to be taken back to his Lord. His body placed in a grave to await that fateful day.
Anderson Copper had on his program a representative from a gay rights organization who is pushing for 'gay' tolerance to be taught in school and of course someone on the opposing view. Its sad to live in a country where a child dies by his own hands and people see fit to push their agendas, but I digress...
The women opposing 'gay' tolerance being taught in school insisted that intolerance to bullying is what's needed to stop future tragedies like this one. The other, reacts that according to research this simply wasn't true that children needed to be taught to tolerate specific groups not just all groups. Then Anderson asked whether it would be ok to talk about overweight kids or blacks.....
The problem with the argument for 'gay' tolerance in schools is not its presumptions nor isn’t its reasoning, its problem with the argument really the argument itself. The problem started long before this particular conversation. The problem is this: what exactly do we mean by gay? We all throw around the word casually assuming that we all mean the same thing but this simply isn't true. When we say 'so-and-so' looks gay, what do we mean? What does it me to look gay, act gay, talk gay.
Allah has established a severe penalty for fornication/ adultery both men and women, this includes 'consenting adults' outside of marriage, rapists, as well as those who commit the acts of the people of Lut. Of course in Islamic law (sharia), 4 witnesses must witness the act (nearly impossible, there were only two punishments for fornication during the life of the Prophet and they were both after uninduced confessions) or a wo/man must say four times that their spouse committed adulterer and then bring down the wrath of Allah if they are a liar). The punishment of Allah has to do with the literal act. The people of Lut weren't punished because they were effeminate, awkward, or spoke “funny”. So what exactly does it mean to be gay. To me the term gay really has no value. It is for some a term that serves to legitimize an act then claim certain characteristics to that act and person who commit that act, and predict that certain characteristics will led one to commit the act/s.
In reality this idea is not real, it has simply been created by the transgressors in order to put their deviance on par with 'the norm'. It isn't right to label someone gay because he likes the color pink or because she doesn't have a boyfriend. Or because he doesn't like sports, or because she doesn't like dressing up, or because he speaks "funny". These are not sins, not transgressions, and not punishable.
The fact that we have these terms show how far off we have gone. The true, beautiful, real nature of relationships is that people (men and women eligible to marry each other through the criteria sent by God Almighty) are married or not.. There are not categories of identity -gay, hetero, bi. These are evil creation that we know in our spirit are false. Don't you view someone differently whose married then one who is not, even if the married pair are newlyweds and the 'boyfriend- girlfriend have been together for 20 years. Why is it that we celebrate weddings and wedding anniversaries, wedding dresses and cakes -where are the boyfriend celebration and parties, or symbolism shows what's in our hearts (though that may change with time).
We as a people have lost our way. God is aware of us at all times and yet where far from him. If we as a people knew our purpose in life we wouldn't throw it away so easily even when where oppressed. This young boy was thrown in to this label by his classmates and by society and then ridiculed based on their assumptions. What gives them the right? Has they witnessed him. 4 of them or are they liars and wrong doers? Even the use of the word tolerance bothers me. I can tolerate a cold air conditioned room but I don't have to like it and I may complain about it, u may try to change it or I may try to leave the room as soon as possible. Is this how we see this young boy and all others we dislike as simply people to "tolerate" or is acceptance better? Or do we need to pay more attention to ourselves and our characters before we judge others, as our prophet alluded to.
This young boys’ life and those to come after him don't need to be labeled or tolerated, they need acceptance, love and compassion. They don't need to be a part of anyone's agenda. They need to know their purpose in life so that when people take away their rights persecute them and turn away from them they know that Allah the merciful is still watching over them. He is the true and fair judge not caring about our superficial dispositions or our physical being but caring about our sincerity and our good deeds. AllahuAkbar!

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