Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bilal Philips's on one of the lesson's (of seeking knowledge) from the story of Prophet Musa and Al- Kidr

"There are a number of things in our lives which we strive for because
we can see happiness in them, we can see pleasure and enjoyment that
we can get from them. And these things may have difficulties in their
path but because we can see the obvious benefits we are willing to
bear the difficulties and carry on anyway. Sometimes in the case of
knowledge and seeking knowledge, the benefits are not that obvious so
satan can easily swerve us by enhancing some difficulties, whispering
in our ears (you know) we can find a million and one excuses why not
to seek knowledge. Satan will be busy to throw these things in our
paths. So this is a reminder from this story, the struggle that
prophet Musa -and this is a prophet of Allah, the struggle that he had
to go through to get the knowledge. The trials that he faced in the
process of getting that knowledge this is all a reminder to us that we
have to be prepared if we seriously want to act on the Prophet's (saw)
instruction "seeking knowledge is compulsory for every Muslim" if we
are really sincere about following the prophet's (saw) instruction
then we have to be prepared to face difficulty in the process...."

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