Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poets are liars

Poets are liars
Thieves of beauty
Cross guards of adulterated purity
Removed from reality
In defense of masks
Ostentatious smiles
And fake laughs
Poets amuse themselves alone
But they lift the hopes
Of audiences
Leaving them with loss time
A false sense of pride
A dimmed smokeless light
Poets have no souls
They write what their told
Words already written
Long before they were thought
Poets are fools
Those who think they are great
Are foolish enough to repeat there mistakes
Poets are liars
There stories are dead
They live in their head -unless,
Poets are moved to action
And the beauty which they speak
They seek
Poets are forever incomplete
Unless and until
The poets' words
Are no longer just words or momentary satisfaction
The Poet is forever poisoned
Within themselves
Unless they never go beyond themselves and God for approval
A poet is alone, and words just come
The poet is a liar
But there the only one that know the truth
The poet sees the proof
And the beauty
But the poet is a liar
Because they set the bar too far
The poet is a day dreamer who never sees the blackness in the sky,
only the stars at night
The poet is the one who looks directly at the sun
Though we don't always understand
The poet is the one
We put our faith
Holding on to their truth
The poet is a liar
But the escape is serene
The poet is on the wrong path
But the poet holds the key
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*Be to the people like the earth below in meekness, like the flowing water
in generosity and like the sun and the moon in mercy, which shine on the
good and sinner alike."*
*-Prophet Jesus*

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