Thursday, September 8, 2011

Give away the blessings given to us by God

Understand how to care for your brethren, and do your duty. God said,“O Muhammad! When I create a tree,
from each of its seeds I will create a thousand fruits. To create the fruits, I will give the tree My grace. And even if the tree takes the grace for itself, it gives fruits to all, without benefit to itself. In the same way, I give man the ability to give to a thousand men, each giving according to his own heart. If one intends to help others, I will place the wealth of My grace (barakat) 4 in his hands, just as I give barakat to the tree. One who is man can distribute it.
Giving to others as the tree gives and making others peaceful, will be the benefit. This is the wealth of grace, the barakat, that I give to each life. I created man, I endowed him, so he could give to all other lives.
O mankind! You must understand what I give you. Through one tree, I give fruits to so many. In the same way, through one man, through the barakat that I give him, I can help so many. Sharing this barakat with others will be the ordained duty.
In all three worlds, this will be his happiness and wealth. Man must realize this. One by one, each man must understand.
I create a thousand seeds from one seed. A thousand seeds change into millions of seeds and help mankind. They do not claim any portion for themselves but continue to benefit others, do they not? Similarly, I have made one among every hundred men to be in that state. I have given him wealth to share with others, so that he may look upon others with peace and bring them peace and tranquillity.
For every ten million men, I sent down a prophet to the world. Through these prophets, the darkness of man’s mind can be cleared. I sent them to bring peace, did I not? In the same way, I have created and placed in the world, a man, one in every hundred, one in every thousand, or one in every ten million.
And through him I spread My limitless wealth of grace, My rahmat. If he understands My rahmat and does not claim it as his own, if he gives it to others, that will be his earnings. If he does that, I will exalt him.
I will unite with him in paradise. I will give him a place in My kingdom. However, if he uses My wealth for himself alone, that very wealth will result in his attaining hell. The desires and attachments he fosters will devour him.
That will be the fire of hell.”
Thus spoke God.
-Sheikh Bawa Muhaiyadeen,

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