Sunday, October 16, 2011


O Hannah
Your beautiful prayer
I pray it myself
Not for wealth nor even your health
But for an offspring
Dedicated to the one we give thanks
Ya Allah, her child was Mary
And the woman is not like the man
Except in worship
Oh Mary your faith prayed for by your mother
Cared for by Zacariah
Mary where do you get your provisions?
By Allah he is the one
To say 'Be' and it is done
To provide without struggle for the world bows to him
Ya Allah
Eve created from Adam's rib
And Jesus born without a father, without sin
Those who accused didn't really know, not true in faith
Their accusations so great
Esa spoke in defense of his mother
As if the strength of faith was born in each one of you
Oh my followers which one of you are true?
The disciples stood as true followers
Your message strengthened with their oath
Giving you hope
But what do the masses want but to follow the ways of their fathers
Killed on a cross by their imaginations
Allah saves who he wills
With his discrimination

Oh Jesus the strength of your mother could not keep away the oppressors
Oh Mary the strength of your mother could not keep away the accusers
Yet Allah tries the faithful among us so let us stand when we should
And be meek when we must

Its not about the qibla you face
But the words that you follow
Oh Muhammad the honor of the greatest of men and women and you are still greater
For God is the greatest giving whom he will taking what he will
Commanding and watching over forever existent and merciful
And our sincerest friend
Protector and guide
Worthy of all praise
Looking up to the great men and women of faith
May we say laillaha illala before we hit our graves

Before we reach that day where the wealth of pharaoh can't save our face
But the sincerity of Asiya will keep us in his grace
Oh Allah protect our faith
Save us from the burning flames
Save us from disgrace

Oh Annah let us pray like you prayed
So our children can pray for us
And on that day of certainty
For some our burdens will be set free
For those on the left a burden beyond belief
Oh Allah please love us
And let us not be fooled by the deceit
Shaytaan and his friends
They'll lose in the end

Oh Asiya you gave up the kingdom for Allah
May he shower you in blessing
Keeping you under his shade
Some of us are blind to the coming of this fateful day

Measure on a scale all the good you have done
Measure across from your sin
Take account for your life
Stop to breath the reality of the passing of time
For in the end hope in the one
Will be better that anything else you could have done

Our father Abraham the friend of Allah
Doing any and everything for the one
We weak in faith must remember these name
Those of us not facing a life sentence for practicing our faith
Allah has provided us an open space
Believe and pray and fast
Do the others if you can

For O Annah you gave your child for the will of Allah
For we with little sincerity
Barely measure up to these great names

Are we really Muslim, or have we lost the sweetness of faith?

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