Friday, February 17, 2012


It is a matter of certainty
That day will come
When none will matter but the One

And yet our aims are different
Each striving for success
Striving for happiness

Our aims will be unmet
When our hearts, our minds, and limbs forget

For were all traveling on a path
And we who would like to meet our Lord
will be met the same by him
And we who would spend every moment of breath denouncing his being
Will be before him with despondent souls
Begging God to go back home
Begging God for a second chance

For some -what we would do for just one glance!
For those who know
the hereafter is home
The present life is the time for growth

I beg of you
As I beg of me
Please don't be blind in this sea of illusion
Please bring your heart to this final conclusion
Where all going to meet our Rabb

Where all on the same journey
So why not hope to meet with him?
Why not face the afterlife hoping for his mercy?
May God bless us all, all of us on the journey

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