Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Non existence is a creation too

There's a hadith of Rasoolulah's about the end of time when all creation will come in to non existence up to the point (it's a beautiful hadith) where the angel of death will be asked by Allah, the most High 'Is there anyone left?' And he will reply 'Ana' to which he will then be told to take his on soul (as I remember) then there will be nothing and no one left as it was before time. Nothing and no one except Allah most high. This moment is what I asked my teacher about on one of our breaks during class -where does everything go?
One of the greatest things I ever learned about Allah was in his answer -Allah can even create non existence. This was very profound for me. I had never before realize how immensely great Allah's power is that not only can he create something from nothing but he can create nothing from something. Whenever I lose something I usually calm myself by saying that 'all matter has space, everything is somewhere' but the ultimate truth is that God alone has all power. Matter can be or not be solely by his sake. 
Allah, the high, the great, the immensely powerful.

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