Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Every word you've said to my lonely soul
Every heart beat
And God knows 
I keep it to myself
Out of hopelessness
Not in Him
But in you
Not in sadness but in love
A burden not worth holding up
A treasure to deeply buried to care
A love that goes unnoticed 
Because it always there
A love that is unprecedented

At least in all I've know
Oh how I've seen it change
Oh how I've seen it grow
Oh how He knows
My hearts pain
A love I want so badly
The sickening pounding of my heart
Underneath the terror of return
Under a terror of longing
And belonging

The real fear of love being shared
The real fear of love being eternal
Knowing the pleasure of God 
Through serving you
Knowing the struggle of those honorable women
Those mothers of of mine

To love
And hold back jealously
In hopes of pleasing the Divine
Within your comfort
A worldly glimpse of paradise

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