Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In my dreams

I can't really describe my love for him
Because if I did
I wouldn't even believe
Some how in his eyes I tend to dream
Somehow at all times I tend to care
Sometimes when he's not around
I feel like I'm not there
Sometimes I pray for him more then I pray for myself
Sometimes I put him before my parents and my wealth
Sometimes when we talk I know that I should stop
Because my heart drops
And its impossible that I could say anything to impress him
He's already lived a thousand lives
Already in the future
So far from a reality 
That I could ever see
Somehow he never paints himself very high 
But there's never been a moment when he didn't compete with the sky

Its a lie
I know it can never be
But nevertheless 
I hope to see him in my dreams

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