Friday, September 14, 2012

Lacking lover's poem

If I could have the heart to write a poem about modern day love
I would write one word
Love devoted to transient things
Love washed away by the sea
And I am the sea
And I say it can't be
Because I see only one for me
Only One for me

Leaving me behind
Could never be
It will be revealed
How fine He can see
And how fine He can hear
And now everythings clear

Yet the veil still remains
And I complain of being unfit to bear the name
Which of all names given
I cannot fulfill
Yet until I die
Or on my knees when I cry
Or the sincerity which I strive
In every wrong uttering, action or lie
In every broken heart I no longer ask why

I'm fully humbled by the fact that I am who I am
And you are who you are

So here I am lord
And I complain
Of my disdain for hard work
Or late nights in pray
And I complain that often I lack the energy to care

But I claim to love You
You alone know it's true
One word for lover's love of my day
But for You
Complete and utter lost
Complete and utter lost
With no fear of mistake

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