Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I use to believe that I was incomplete
Deficient in some way
Because I was different
Or at least that's what I heard them say
At least that's what I felt
And with God
And with a lot of help
And with a lot of books
And with a few teachers
And with a few years
And with some travels here and there
I've come to learn that who I was
Was deficient
And incomplete
But not because I wasn't cool
Or would rather not hang out
And not because I was quiet
Or keep most of it inside
It was because I had yet to see
That my true fulfillment was to be
With Allah
Seek Allah
Worship Allah
Talk to Allah
Be friends with Allah
Gain the pleasure of Allah

Every time I turned away before and tried to see if there was more
Without turning to You
I was left with the shadow of failure
Because it's not real love
When people say they love you
And when the people who need you go away
And when their are no friends
And the screen is removed
Your left with nothing
Because there was nothing
In them
No real substance ever existed in them

It's near impossible to focus on the goal
But at least now I know
At least now I know

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