Monday, February 4, 2013

"We human beings having a God complex"
-Our teacher Imam Amin Muhammad

As I stood in the elevator awaiting the 4th floor where my Aqueedah class takes place I prayed to God "Oh God give me something to take with me". All praise is due to God, who answers our prayers, Imam Amin said something that I hope will stick with me and help me to submit to the will of God for the rest of my life. Injustice, he explained, has to do with someone doing to someone else's property what they don't want you to do. God could never be called unjust because everything belongs to Him. Glory to God! Just the day before I was explaining to a non Muslim how God's tie to us is greater then our ties to each other. Somehow the true meaning of that statement was brought to me with Imam Amin's words. When people complain to or about God what are they (we) really saying? "Oh God how could you take my mother away?" God is the one who created your mother, and God is the one who created her sustenance, and God is the one who gave her the ability to carry you, and the ability to birth you, and the ability to care for you, and she was eternally in His favor as He did everything for her. And He is the one who put in your heart a love for her and He is the one who you and her are indebted to for every moment of breath and heartbeat, so who is it that has more right to decide what to do with her? And what to do with you? When He is the one who creates every moment and thing that exist, and He does this with Wisdom and He is the Most Merciful and Compassionate. So who has more right to decide what to do with His property?

Know this before it is completely apparent. Allah has the ultimate power over his creation, and He is unjust to none. And how can He be unjust when everything belongs to Him?

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