Friday, May 3, 2013

Conservative fashion

So I recently entered the world of conservative fashion. Conservative not just aesthetically but essentially as well. Recently I came across this term conservative fashion and realized how much it completely defined my company. We have a wide range of conservative fashion. By that I mean two things, we have a selection of modest shirts and long dresses (oh so hard to find) and we also sell a large range of vintage clothes. Reusing clothing and making them our own is one way we can conserve the energy it takes to produce new clothing. Covering our body not only keeps it from unwanted attention but also from the harshness of our environment, do you really want to sit on a NYC train with mini skirt on? Staying covered keeps our private selves for our eyes only. Alhumduillah, I think I see a bright future for this business.
Hope you'll join us,

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