Thursday, March 27, 2008


How bizarre would it be if I had a child and he/she refused to be black. They convinced me that inside they were actually white and wanted me to do everything in my power to make their "inside match their outside". Would I not do everything beyond a doubt to convince m child to love themselves and that being black is wonderful. Tell them about their culture, give them examples of great black heroes, tell them that the people who love them love are black, and look with in myself as to what I had been doing wrong as a parent. So why would I or anyone else be convinced by their children that they were born a boy but are a girl inside or vice versa. And what what messages are we sending to our children if we have set up specific stereotypes that are manly or womanly. Don't get me wrong I don't think boys should be allowed to wear dresses but if a boy say I want to be a girl because I like the color pink the boy should be showed that their are a variety of men and just because he likes pink does not mean he cannot also love being a boy. We are sending our kids a mixed message one end we are trying to break the stereotypes of men and woman on the other end we are reiterating these stereotypes. If we allow our boys and girls to believe that their is this major and imposing structure because of their gender how can they not want to be other then themselves. Though at the sames time their are gender rules most do not interfere with our day to day life. What ever happened to the parent who set a moral structure upon their kids while also telling them to be all they can be. And beside all of this philosophical argument, whatever happened to simply having to listen to your parents without explanations. And yes explanations are good, but have our moral values go down so low that we believe our children to have some sort of enlightenment. We tell our children were to go when to go there and what to do but suddenly they said jump and we leap. And should we really take on the attitude "because I can" simply because scientific technology allows us to "change our gender". We are born in to certain identities. The country and parents your born to, the kind of environment your grow up in your culture or race the year you were born, we cannot change and we have to deal with that reality. Above all we must love our selves, even the selves we would rather not be, but but chosen by God to be. I would rather not have been born black and lower middle class in America but God for whatever his divine reason has chosen this life for me. I will not only make the best out but I will chose to love my life. No I don't like wearing tims and my lip gloss is not popping and I don't drink quarter water but that does not make me any less then who I am. We must teach our children to have morals that cannot be broken and love who they are innately, they should be able to look at the mirror and smile because God chose their identity especially for them.

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