Friday, March 21, 2008

Negative islamic media

A word to the rascists anti- islamists
Who cam up with the word anti-Semite anyway? Someone had to make it up. So there you go Anti- islamists anyone who propagates Islam as something other than what it is. Any one who outlines the bad instead of the good. Yes I understand that women are raped in The Middle East and I sympathize and feel compassion for them. But guess what? 1 out of 4 women are raped in America. And yes a poor young boy got accused of being gay after he was molested this is horrible. But I am almost more disgusted when a “civilized” country like America allows a molester to serve a few months in jail knowing statistically that they will rape again or molest again. And knowing statistically the young boys who are raped will grow up to rape other young boys. And many young girls will grow up to become sexually promiscuous. What are we saying to these people, that we just aren’t ready to deal with those kind of cases or that we just don’t care? Sure Africa is infested with AIDS and we should care what happens to them but what about what happening in our own back yards. Black woman here –in America are dying from this disease and no one has risen and eyebrow to save them. Sure there’s a bunch of crazy muslin terrorists but who was the first terrorist. How about the European Conquerors, master, mass murderers, rapist and thieves? What about they Oklahoma bomber I have yet to hear him call a terrorist. And woe is some lady from Sudan who was forced in to marriage and now hates Islam. Huh? Prophet Muhammad spoke against forced marriages. But don’t get him wrong he has nothing against arranged marriage. Theres a difference you know between forced marriage and arranged marriage. Some cultures respect their parents so highly that they would marry anyone the parents suggested. They sometimes ask they parents to arrange them. After all who knows you better than your parents? But if you disagree with this arranged marriage and your parents continue to force you then, that is completely unislamic. Once you gain knowledge about islam you will learn to love it as a complete way of life. Where God is one and all praise is due to him. Amen.

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