Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sex, babies and HIV

I remember my upbringing as a child of the 90's (born in 88'). There was a rebirth of the old feminist movement. I guess it was a black woman thing maybe? But I keep hearing we can do it all and we can do what men are doing. This message was especially prominent with the message of sex before marriage. Black woman now have the leading cases of HIV and over 60 percent of black children are born to single mother. I know that it is not politically correct to blame the victim. But any intellect ( or someone with common sense) could see this coming from a mile away. HIV/AIDS began to spread through heroin drug use then spread through the prison system, both of which you can blame on the government if you want. But the reason HIV/AIDS is now spreading like wildfire to black woman is because of heterosexual sex. Yes woman can do want men are doing but through some force of nature it is woman who are affected more harshly by venereal diseases from heterosexual sex (the highest risking group in men is homosexual sex). Black women need to learn from the mistakes of our mothers. We can't do it all and we can't raise children as single mothers. It is a fact and not chauvinist myth that children raised by single mothers have a higher risk for low grades in school, trouble with the law, poor nutrition etc. Intimacy needs to be put back in to the context of sex. Feminist thought they were taking away the power from men by having sex without emotional attachment when in reality they were giving over power to men. No woman should have sex with a man she does not love, trust, or think will be a good father therefore the thought of a one night stand is implausible. Without considering these factors you are liable for heartbreak, STD's, unwanted pregnancy, and a deadbeat baby daddy. Children deserve to be expected in to a family that loves them and two parents that take joy in each other and raising their children. Take back your respect and dignity as women who deserve to be loved and are good enough to wait for commitment before having sex. When HIV/ AIDS started to become a prominently black disease in America the AIDS blanket (with the faces of people who died from the disease) was put in storage and now AIDS is looked at as an African problem. The government doesn't care about us and apparently neither do our male counterparts and therefore we have to start caring about ourselves.

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