Tuesday, April 22, 2008

40 acres and a mule

I was reading someone's blog today, about slavery reperations for African Americans. Not surprisingly everyone was either synical or the old 'not my money'. But guess what I don't want your money, Just erase all the benefits whites have gotten from being 'white' and erase all the disadvantages of being 'black' and where even. But that is almost impossible, because the white public would never give up the benefits of being white, hey if I were them I wouldn't want to either. Andthis is why we have to use monetary means to right the many wrongs of slavery, racism and Jim Crow. You don't even have to give us a check, I will still take the fourty acres and a mule that was promised to me -gladly.
Let's just start out on the same foot, if slavery doesn't have an impact on today great. Let us start out on an equilibrium. The houses that are passed down to you from generation to generation either give me one like it or get rid of your. That fancy education you can get because your Great great grand father went to Yale and mine was not allowed to attend, the connections youv'e acquired over a lifetime of 'supremacy' just erase it. All the men that were lyched just bring them back to life then we'll be even. But until then blacks are waiting for our due. Not a hand out, but what was rightfully owed to them/us. The life that our forefathers should have been able to live as humans, thats what the reperations are about.
Rather it is the whites who were looking for free larbor, they could have simply hired men for low wages but their greed drove them to inhumane actions. Black were not simply enslaved: they were raped, beat, murdered, damaged, then throw awaylike property. Even if blacks were given a thank you from the government -it would be a start. It would be an acknowledgement that we existed and helped create the gretest nation on earth.

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