Saturday, April 19, 2008

The city of darker light (part 2)

"What happened to you Junior" His mom sat on the end of his bed and related those words in a sad melodic tone. She had been worried about him lately -and now the marked had proven her right. He laid their on his stomach with the sheets barely reaching his back, he laid their not wanting to face his mother. He did not want to hear her speech. He loved her but she like most of the nation had fallen powerless and disenchanted with the government and the constant watch of the CDL. He didn't want to hear that he shouldn't be involved in the opposition party. He didn't want to care about the fact that he was spared and could have easily been killed by CDL. He wanted to believe that one day he could change the world. But here his mother was trying to knock his dreams down with reality.
"Junior, -you've been asleep for three weeks, what the hell did you do. Three marks Junior Three, until they kill you. Don't you care about me about your future?"
Junior gets up shirtless but still wearing his jeans from outside he pulls out a red sweater and a t-shirt. He looks around for his medallion. "Wheres my chain Ma"
"Chain -what chain, where are you going?" Gotta go you said it's been three weeks so that means its Sunday, the meetings are on Sundays" He searches around and takes up his phone from under his pillow. "Here" She pulls the medallion from her pocket " I had to tell CDL that your father name was Toppy, they let me keep the chain... -why are you doing this"
He looks at her then at his phone and maybe he would have explained if he had the time but the meeting started at five and he to go.........

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