Sunday, April 27, 2008

Letter to Nicole Bell

Dear Nicole,
I don't know what anyone could say to you to make it better. To numb the pain for awhile when your finance was not only gunned down but also received no justice.But I want to tell you that although the justice department did nothing, we still care. The faces of all black women are with you. All black men are with you hopefully others can also feel your pain. But I also commend you for your courage. You did not behave in the way the media expected you to -some commented that you were such a nice lady. As if they expected to see a 'gheto' black woman cursing and carrying on. But in this twist of fate they get to see black women in a different light. Your beautiful, strong and intelligent. I pray that one day you will be with Bell again. But your children have a beautiful example of love and courage in their parent. That fateful day will not go by in silence. I will march and do whatever is necessary to make sure that my neighbor, nephew or cousins are not the next target for police. They have such jaded images of blacks, but most young men in baggy jeans and fitteds are not out for trouble. This is our people and our neighborhood and from this day on I promise to fight against injustice. God Bless you and your family.

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