Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We deserve to be loved

I attended a march for justice today. At first I was a bit disappointed by the number of students, but decided I'd venture anyway. I am so glad I did. Their with Medgar students and others I realized not only how effective marches could be but I also realized the beauty of my people. Their I was in a crowd (that got larger over time) with beautiful black young people who wanted change.
We marched as our fathers had march so many times before. We were remembering the legacy that so many have said we've forgotten. One thing I've realized as a black person is that we must fight for everything we want. Europeans brought us here to be their slaves and they are not just gonna give it up that easily. We have to keep marching, fighting, and loving one another.
From this day own I pledge to never look down upon anyone in my community. I plead to help when asked to help. I pledge to fight for justice by any means necessary. I pledge to get to know the cops in my neighborhood.But most importantly I pledge to love.

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