Monday, May 26, 2008

The importance of saving face

"Outside I'm masquerading, inside my hope is fading." I don't know if we ever realize how much time we spend saving face. 'Saving face' face is an expression used by caribs and can be interpreted as 'fronting' by black Americans. Why do we spend so much time pretending.
Pretending things are ok, pretending everything is fine. Why do we wear the masks of deceit. Some may call it a survival technique in the outside world. But I believe that eventually we will self destruct if we don't tell each other how we truly feel. When we mask our problem or when we pretend things are ok it only disallows us the chance to fix those.
In another sense, it does show our satisfaction with an imperfect world. Or is it truly our way of saying despite our personal problems we will put on a happy face as not to burden the next person. Whatever the reason for our pretending, their is a time an place. Sure maybe at work you don't won't to tell your boss your personal problems. But once you get home you have to unload or your problems will turn in to a ticking time bomb. And once it erupts your worse fears of losing control will come true in the worst of places.

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