Sunday, June 15, 2008

The muslims

There are many signs to the last day. As a believer, I know this to be the case as much as I know I am living. There are two things, to my understanding, that a believer holds dear: The belief in God and the belief in the last day. As I read the news today of Afghan president threatening to send troops to Palestine I wonder to myself when did Muslim come to this point. To my surprise I did not have to dwell to far, Almost immediately after the prophets' death chaos erupted. The Muslims broke in to sects, and schools. And this is the product of the battles. Now even in the face of adversity we find it hard to stick together. Muslims fighting Muslims? We divide our selves by race and culture and yes even understanding of or religion, but shouldn't the bond of Islam bring us close together to fight against our common enemy.
And no our common enemy is not 'the west' or America or women who are unveils. Our enemy is within our selves. Our enemy is our lack of love for Allah and his messenger that keep us apart. Our enemy is the way we forget about (one of many) foundations' of Islam: accountability! That is what makes a Muslims. The belief that we will be accountable for our deeds before Allah. The penalty for killing ones' Muslim brother is hell. Have we forgotten the prophet, have we forgotten Allah? The enemy is the weakness of our hearts. And I hope in my lifetime we will be able to strengthen our faith and our bond.

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