Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The trouble with......people who criticize islam

As my dad was watching soccer he flipped through the channels and saw 'Gay Muslim' both shocked he tried to turn to the channel but thankfully we didn't have it. The documentary 'Gay Muslims' is about gay and lesbian Muslims who live in Western countries. They state in the summary, that their is reason for open interpretation of the verse 'we created you as partners' to be extended to gays as well.
This is the problem with people who challenge Islam. This one verse may be vague but what about this verse ' Lut said on to his people: Do you commit Lewdness such as no people commited before you.. For ye practice your lust on men in preference of women' 7:80-81.Any serious student of Islam must search for answer through Quran, Sunna and if things are still unclear scholars interpretations. The prophet said to his follow marry wives like me. Allah speaks in the Quran of the unnaturalness of men being with other men, have we forgotten that he destroyed a whole town because of sodomy!
People are confused by culture and religion. Some say I am a Muslim until it interferes with my with my personal preferences when it should the other way around. As a Muslim Islam comes first. If there is enough evidence in Quran and sunna that women cannot led men in pray or have mixed pray that over rides any time period. In other words whether it is during the prophets time or right now in 2008 the rules don't change. They change for the year, culture, personal preference or any other factor. Allah and his messenger have wisdom beyond our knowledge and they only give us knowledge and laws for the betterment of ourselves.
The problem with people who criticize Islam is that they do not understand boundaries. Fornication is a sin whether with same or opposite sex, sex is only lawful within a marriage and marriage is only lawful between a man and women of the age of puberty. And there are restriction as to who we can marry a woman cannot marry her father, uncle or brother. These are boundaries that cannot be crossed. This is the difference between Islam and other religions; the Quran and sunna are example for the believer throughout our lifetime. Those things that are clear: praying five times a day, giving charity, belief in one God are unchangeable by time region or culture. Upon his death (The prophet) the believers have a clear cut religion to follow and those things that are clear we must adhere.

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