Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For those gone or considering suicide

You do not have to breathe in silence
Cry in silence
Live in silence

You have to know you’re not alone
When you die
When you gave up
When you decided
Not to live
You took away a child
A brother
A mother
A future spouse

You turned away from hope
You made us regret
Every single step
In the wrong direction
Every unfortunate word
Every biting look
Everything that made you feel
Less than human

When you took away your life
You did not realize
That God was there for you
In those small moments
He helped you through
He’s the one who saw the best in you

For every child whose passed by
For every stranger you don’t stop to say high
For every cold shoulder
You turned away

For all the days you didn’t pray for him
For every time she said I’m fine
And you believed her

You didn’t pry
When she cried at night
You didn’t take him out of the school where everyone teased
You didn’t say “I love you”
You assumed she knew

Stop Assuming!
Pry every single day
Tell a stranger ‘hello, how are you?’
And listen for the answer
Turn a cold shoulder in to a smile
Wipe a tear
Trust in God

Treat people well!
Go out of your way to treat people way
Not because they may have some ‘named disease’
Not because their of a different race
Or because their or little weird
A different religion
Or maybe gay
No NOT because of this!

Treat people well
Because people are fragile
Walking with a life story
A path ahead of them
A struggle to overcome
A sadness to let go of

Everyone, everyone, everyone is you

With different stories
And different problems
And different colors
But two parents
Who carried with them:
The first struggles
The first triumphs
The first pains
The first “I’m sorry’s”
The first regrets
The first “this is enough”
“I want to give up”

But they tried
And we must try
We are Human Beings
We must live through our lives
We can’t give up
And we must
And every moment
Make life a bit easier
With a concern for each other
One that says
Were in this together

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