Thursday, October 21, 2010

A thought on trusting strangers

I am under the strong belief that people are more trustworthy then not. Or at least that people behave in trustworthy ways more often then they do not. I don't think this world could survive if this weren't true. Granted a pessimistic would point out the murders and child kidnappings I would still argue that even the fact that this is noteworthy behavior stands to show that most of us do not wish to commit such atrocities nor ever would.
I sit before a man, or rather behind a gentleman in a coffee shop. He is now enjoying his coffee, reading I suppose from his his heads downward position. A few moments a go this very man walked in to the coffee shop placed his stuff down beside a table and in a chair; a large case of something that I suppose has to do with art or fashion by his appearance and a travel bag. After plopping his stuff down he walks to the line, awaiting the cashier and stands behind the last in line. As I stare in to space I catch him glimpsing over at his stuff, and he does the same again when he gets on another line to wait for his food.
I was mistaken the particularly well dressed fellow is using his cell phone, reading an email I suppose though it will probably remain conjecture. I don't see myself as enough of a creep to look that close. Any who, so once the chap gets his food or coffee or both he simply sits down.
So what was the old display of slight worry and yet the outward disregard for the welfare of one's stuff. Is it possible that he both trusts me and the fellows cafe'ers not to steal his stuff and at the very same time does worry that someone could steal his stuff....
Well, the truth is though some dummies do like to rat their way around life most of us don't. So I suppose an individual can trust the public in general but can't trust individuals. Its possible that you could trust the fact that people won't steal your stuff if you put it don't for a moment and the very same time not trust that this guy with the suit or that girl in black (me ;) may very well steal your stuff. So you can put your stuff down without worrying that everyone in a given place will conspire against you to steal your messenger bag (which may very well make you seem crazy) but to believe that one little rat will try to get by with a little stealth and steal the pen you left hanging out your bag or try their luck and run out with all your stuff. So a little concern is necessary but know that most people are decent people most of the time "_".

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