Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dhul Hijja Day 3

Today wasn't the best day. I didn't fast, partly because I didn't wake up for sehr and partly because of Sunday brunch. So I went to my Sunday class and it was canceled. Mecca has a very bad habit of not telling students when a class is canceled. So I decided to go for a walk which turned in to a shopping spree in UO and Zara's my two favorite stores. Today they actually proved themselves. I got some really nice stuff, Masha Allah. Mostly modest but their are two items that I definitely have to halalify.
Insha Allah I want to start spending no more then 25 dollars a weeks, mostly on transportation. Now I'm officially in the hole $2,015 but Insha Allah if I spend no more then 25 dollars for the next three months I'll be able to save it up once again. I'm not to mad at myself about the clothes cause it really is nice stuff that -Insha Allah, I'll be able to wear it for years to come. My craziest spending has been all the shoes I've gotten and all the money I've spent of face products. Now that I have nice simple clothes that I've been wanting and enough face products to last me some time, I should be able to slow down, Insha Allah, may Allah have mercy on me.
I have been pausing to make dua, dhikr, and read quran after each salat which I feel makes the salat even better for me. I've been memorizing Imam Al Haddad's poem too. But I have realized how hard it is not do anything Islamic, its almost impossible. La illaha illala, that's all for now.

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