Friday, December 16, 2011

The honored

the beauty that you claim
To die as a matyr in Allah's name
I can't even begin to say what they did
Ya Allah its unmentionable what they did

What does it mean to be a Muslim?

To live and breath for the sake of Allah
To give your limbs over in devotion
Its not meaningless what you've done
The first of the matyrs
Dying to say "God is one!"

'There is no God but Allah and Muhammad (saw) is his messenger'
For most of us that's what it means to be Muslim
But what if being Muslim meant being in the constant danger zone
What if enemy lines where drawn in our home

Don't ever say oh the Muslims of today,
how we struggle to keep our name
Airport security?
Are we kidding ourselves
What if being Muslim meant losing your health?
What if being Muslim meant be tortured in the sun
And the only mercy came from saying "god is one"

What if being Muslim meant your friends were now your enemies?
What if it meant moving to a foreign country?
O Sumayya what if it meant what it did for you?
You are enough of an example for me
May God rest your soul in peace

On that fateful day for all to see
Sumayya will rise before her Lord in glory (Insha Allah)
And those who thought they brought shame on to her
Will never have seen a blacker day
When only Allah will be judge
And exalted ranks are by deeds not names
When only the truth remains

Sumayya you won't even remember your pain
When the light shines on you
On that righteous day
Death is a gift for the believers
And this life an imprisonment
To be with God is the only goal
The reward of heaven
The ever lasting gift for the righteous soul

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