Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Visiting masjid Muhammad

Alhumduillah, I can't really explain the joy its been being a visitor in Imam Amin's Masjid for the past two days. Just being around Imam Amin is a blessing. The lecture by Sheikh Samir An Nass on the Quran was wonderful, though honestly it was above my comprehension level. But their were some simpler lessons that I can immediately benefit from, like developing a relationship with the Quran and realizing what a divine book this is as well as explanations on different aspects of the Quran. 
Alhumduillah, I gifted Imam Amin my Islamic poetry which, Insha Allah, I hope he not only likes but approves of. Imam Amin, Alhumduillah, he's really been a great guide for me. The way he teaches and the matters he teaches on really makes me feel as though Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, would be immensely proud of the Ummah he left behind over 1400 years ago. Insha Allah I hope the message of Ahl al- Sunna wa al- Jama'a, the following of scholars, the inheritors of the prophets and the transmission of knowledge through teachers is given further precedence and status. May Allah bless Imam Amin and his family, Masjid Muhammad, and my fellow Meccans.

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