Monday, January 23, 2012

My Lord and Savior

Besides being a psychologist their were two major careers that I also considered. One was philosophy the other was music. Both of which I learned over time is haram. In fact I only learned philosophy was haram to learn and teach (without the purpose of learning in order to refute it) a few days ago in a lesson with my teacher. And music I already knew was haram but I'd heard different opinions on the matters and most Muslims I know listen to music. Both of these career paths I now realize were selfish, being a philosopher would just make me feel like I had a big brain and was better then everyone else, while being a musician would make me completely self involved. Alhumduillah I'm glad God took me away from both of those fields. Psychology, especially with a sound islamic background, is in the service of others. The one who serves the Muslims will be helped by Allah, Insha Allah, and success comes from Allah alone.

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