Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What the muslims believe about God

God bears the attribute of Al Qiyaam bil naafs which means that he is self- subsistent, God bears the attribute of Al Qidam, pre- existence (without beginning), and Al Baqaa, eternality (without end). The attributes of God, God deserves for himself in eternality, they are related to the essence of Allah. We are told by God in His holy book that "Everything will perish except his noble countenance". It is very clear that God is the ultimate reality. He has no beginning no end and He is living (Hayy) and eternal. God is not in need of anything. This is an extremely important point, many time we refer to God as being 'in heaven' or 'being on His throne' these are both very dangerous statements. God, exalted is He, is not in need of a place to sit or a location. Rasoolullah has transmitted to us that God has existed before everything else, eternally. God has created everything from non-existence. When we are aware of the divine attributes of God it is easier not to mischaracterize God. God exalted is He, has demanded our praise of Him. Once we realize the reality of who God is, it is easier to follow His command to fear and obey Him.
Rasoolullah, peace upon him, has said that he knows God the best and therefore fears (or is conscious of him) the most. Knowing that God is Al Qaliq (The Creator), Al Alim (The All Knowing) or Al Baseer (The All Seeing) will help us to gain a deeper reality in our worship and a greater sincerity and caution. Knowing the meaning is one level but of course their are deeper levels to knowing God. Lady Maryum who was given a child by Allah without being touched by man or Prophet Musa who was spoken to by God (in His eternal speech which is not made up of letters or words) or Sayiddunna Muhammad who was guided to heaven and shown the people of paradise and hell all have a deeper reality of God then any (or most) of us could ever realize, peace upon them all. The value of knowing God is to serve God and our increase in good deeds will bring us to the goal of of pleasing Him. Al Ghazali has said that 'Worship is not valid until you know who you worship'.
God created darkness and light, we cannot conceptualize this so we must know that we can never conceptualize God. Abu Bakr, may God be pleased with him has said "Knowing that you cannot know the reality of God is knowledge itself, anyone who searches for the essence of Allah has blasphemed". God, exalted is He, has allowed us to know Him through his names and attributes, this is the path to obedience and ultimately to paradise. 
May Allah preserve my teacher.

Asahriyyah Aqueedah
Book: Lessons in divine unity for beginners
Teacher: Imam Amin Muhammad, Mecca Center

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