Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What the muslims believe

On the back of every 'Nation of islam' newspaper their is a section that says 'what the muslims believe' and 'what the muslims want'. Filled with problematic beliefs and strange ideas. I overheard a Dr. Phil show in which the daughter said she couldn't forgive the father for the past, Dr. Phil's response 'Not even God could change the past'. I was once in a class in which the speaker drew an image of god then subsequently began to erase it to make a point that.... I still don't know.
Needless to say we have a very serious problem with Aqueedah in our modern day, it is as my teacher says, the problem of our times. Its a very dangerous problem to have when the very root of islam is aqueedah. It is the core message of the Quran, it was the dominant message of our prophet, peace upon him. Their are many historical reasons why our Aqueedah has been perverted but it is not difficult to get back to basics. Alhumduillah I have been blessed to study with a teacher who follows 'Ahl sunna wa ja'maa'. The prophet, upon him be peace, promised us that the the majority of his nation would never agree on misguidance. Ahl sunna wa ja'maa in its simplest meaning is the majority, not only of our times but of the entire Muslim nation, back to the companions and ultimately back to our prophet, upon him be peace. In Aqueedah, Ahl sunna wa ja'maa, the majority of the muslim nations, have followed Maturidi or Ashari.
Nevertheless the point is that we need to hold on to Rasoolulah, peace upon him, and the only way to do that is follow what the majority of Muslims have followed, believed, and practiced. So what to the Muslims believe?

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