Thursday, July 26, 2012

A woman walked in to the store I was working in. A store filled with random goods and a woman from Senegal who made African clothes. One day a veiled women in all black walked in. "Bonjour" she said, as all the Senegalese did when they walked in to the store. She looked around at some of the jilbabs which was part of my father's merchandise. Then she and the Senegalese tailor started to chat, she offered her to look at some of the Senegalese outfits she'd had. The woman refused and gave a roaring laugh "I use to wear that, but I would caused problems in the street". I laughed to myself not being a part of the conversation but unable to hold back at such an amusing cry. The moral of the story: Modesty is outlined by God and his Messenger (peace of God be upon him) but some of have to go the extra mile when blessed with exceptional beauty ;)

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