Friday, September 14, 2012

A lesson in learning

It’s been about two weeks or more since I’ve had dars with my teacher. I went to his lecture last Sunday and he gave me a book the week before that we met to go over my Arabic and he gave me an aqueedah text to memorize. Since January we’ve been reading ‘Reliance’ were on the prayer section which I am more then anxious to get through –is there anything more important then knowing how to pray properly? And yet I feel disable to read the text on my own knowing how valauable learning from a teacher is.
Needless to say I was gone for about 5 months March- August and I’ve only been back for a month. I guess I expected so much more then what I’ve been getting. All I want is what he has, knowledge. And even with all this hardship and wanting to just say ‘never mind’ I realize there is no one else who is willing to teach me the the traditional manner and I don’t have the time to go off to the middle east and pursue Islamic studies –I’m in the beginning of a Master’s program! So what can I do but be patient, continuously knocking on the door and ready to learn... and truly Allah rewards the patient.

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