Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Music, music, Bad, bad

So of course I've known music was haram for a while, I knew for sure after take a fiqh class with Imam Amin. Then after asking him directly about it. I once once again when a brother mentioned it was the reason for many peoples affliction with the Jinn. Then I knew without opposition when Sheikh Nuh mentioned it and again after listening to a short lecture of his about it. An once more while reading his book. So how many times do you have to hear something being said before you finally give in? Hmmm. And now I sit here in a cafe were the music is basting. I hadn't realized just how much music is a part of daily life. Even once I eliminate it from my personal life I still hear music in the grocery, at restaurants, blasting from people's car -including my own, and blasting in my house by my family members. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Sheikh Nuh's advises his Murids not to go to restaurants. I'm still reading his book, I actually skipped ahead to that part when I was just borrowing the book from a friend. My teacher Imam Amin is a great Muslim but Sheikh Nuh is no joke. In his (and many others shafi fiqh scholars) view pictures, tv, music is haram. It's amazing that once you start to take these things out of your life you realize how much they are/ were a part of your life. It's one things to start a new life, leave the west and go to Jordan to be a Murid and live with the sheikh. It's quite another to try to recreate your life in accordance with the laws that govern being a murid while still living in the west, especially if you don't live on your own. But Allah always gives credit where it's due... I don't really miss listening to Music. I listen to nasheeds that use only the voice or voice and drum (which are halal in shari'a fiqh, though it may be specifically the duff and not all drums) which fulfill my "need" for song and remind me of Allah instead of the outpouring of someone's desires. Then again I don't really get a chance to "miss" music because it is all around me. Sheikh Nuh told a story that a Murid was in a cab and the cabbi was playing music, the murid focused his concentration until Allah allowed him to see the cords in the radio player and to destroy them. The radio was broken, the music gone... may Allah forever be our priority and may we one day be free of the desire for music that dismisses religion and destroys our desire for the afterlife.

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