Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rihanna, and other reasons tuned out

I mean no exaggeration when I say I love Rihanna. Whenever I hear hear music in the grocery store or in people's car the last time she was on tv (oprah interview) I get this strange sort of excitement. As if she was some how a part of me and if we were succeeding or failing together... this is creepy. But my love for a stranger from the Carribean was only possible through the mediums of Tv and recording music. Imam Amin mention in the end of our last class on hadith in Mecca that we create in our heart a love for these people when we watch Tv. We create in our hearts a love for non Muslims, sinners... Sheikh Nuh said in his lecture on (or rather 'against') music, when we listen to music were listening to an outpouring of someone's nafs. Why would we want to hear the desires of unbelievers? Why would we want to hear about people who indulge in sin?
There's a joke I once read that said -isn't it funny that people who don't watch Tv always want to talk about Tv? I think the same goes for music. Tv and music are such inherit part of our culture that those of us who chose to turn away find a need to constantly explain ourselves. I had a long talk with my mom yesterday about why I won't listen to music or watch Tv any more, in the end I simply pulled out Reliance of the traveller and read the hadiths on (or rather 'against') music and pictures. Because, as Imam Amin also said, we should give credit were credit is due. I'm only a parrot of the knowledge of previous Muslims. I've simply grown in my conviction that what I was doing isn't what I should be doing. And where I want to reach will only be weigh down by these erroneous activities. And Allah knows best.

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