Monday, November 5, 2012

Advice from Sheikh Muhammad Amin

Advice from Sheikh Muhammad Amin
-Translated by Umm Sahl (7/18/2012)

Have correct aqueedah (tenets of faith, i.e. believing God is without partner, believing he is not restricted in a time or place, believing he has power of all things, etc.)

Make repentance of sin then don’t ever go back to it

Please the person who is opposed to you, so that no one has any rights over you (or against you?)

Catch up with miss prayers or others things you owe Allah

Avoid all disobedience to Allah, perform acts of worship purely without other objectives

Don’t sleep long in the night; it will have you impoverished on the Day of Judgment

Fear Allah anywhere, at all times

Follow up a bad deed with a good deed

Engage with other people in good character

Don’t be with someone except that they benefit you religion or your dunya (worldly life)

Don’t keep the company except of someone who is God fearing and keeps their promises

Don’t argue with people about any issue except someone who is willing to accept the truth

Don’t engage yourself with answering a question from an unintelligent person

Speak nicely to one who speaks ugly to you

Keep ties with the person who cut you off

Forgive the one who wrongs you

Give to the one who has deprived you

Avert bad actions with good

Don’t gather more of the dunya then you would need for a year (i.e. food, clothing, saving, etc.)

Don’t engage yourself in seeking knowledge in other then what you’re already doing unless it will fix your heart and purify you

Don’t regard yourself superior because your end is unknown

The most superior is to keep far from doubtful matters

Be avid to follow the sunnah (way of Prophet Muhammad (God’s peace and blessings be upon him), his sayings, actions, life, what he agreed with or keep silent about, etc.) and not your own nafs (lower self)

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