Friday, November 30, 2012

I talk about you with longing
I never look at you with disdain
I'd lift the burden
If only you had pain
I'd serve you in the worldly life
Though your facing the next
And I would watch my every word
Though you care not what I say
And when I'm dressed up
You could care less
And no matter how close I am to you
Your heart is with Allah

Yet despite all your distance
I want you for myself
For its not passion or words that move me
And it couldn't be wealth
It's your clarity in knowing
That this life is a tool
If you use it to reach Allah
Then you will never lose

And I will never lose
If I could chose
A spouse solely for His sake
For love for the sake of Allah
Is limitless
And unconditional
And people mistake this world for the real thing
So they plan for marriage
But don't plan to meet Him

Marriage as a means to please our Lord
So I won't rush
Because I have seen
Only love for Allah is real
Everything else is just a dream

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