Wednesday, November 28, 2012

O beloved one

I get so weepy just to see you
And I'm so filled with joy to know you
With your final look from the distance
You were so pleased
You said
'Salah, Salah'
Then you closed your eyes with ease
Are you still smiling my beloved?
It's so painful
To watch you go
It's been more then 1,000 years
I know
It's such a joy to say your name
O beloved without you we'll never be the same

Are you still still smiling my beloved
Be there peace with your name
The earth and heaven rejoiced the day you came
...and were still weeping
Nothing but despair to be near your grave
Nothing but peace will ever be with your name
Are you still smiling my beloved?
May God's mercy, peace and blessing be upon you
And may you smile, O beloved

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