Thursday, April 17, 2008

A pink moment

I had a pink moment today in class. I guess I should explain what a pink moment is. When I was in elementary school my teacher asked all the girls how many of us favorite color is pink. I being a girly girl and an avid lover of the color pink -proudly raised my hand. To my surprise I was the only girl who like the lone ranger on the matter.
Well my pink moment came again today. My professor asked the woman of the class how many of us wanted to get married -and again I was a lone ranger. Women mentioned things like economic freedom, fertility clinics, and the infamous "I don't believe in marriage" as their reasons. A male in the class tried to stand for marriage but their voices sound like they were drowning in a sea of discontent.
But how did us Americans get to this point. Do we really not want to get married. I for one want to get married, be a stay at home wife and mother. Sure eventually I want to have a career, but since when is work more important then starting a family. Many of the women said they would want to be mothers. But don't they see the correlation and preparation being a wife has to being a mother. To have to love and care for someone unconditionally -your husband then to the same for your baby through love and the characteristics you have acquired as a wife. I have seen my mother work and raise us five girls (with help from my dad) all her life. That is simple not the road I want to take -to wear so many hats at once. Yes I have personal aspirations but I refuse to take on everything at once. I have seen and so have most of us seen, our mothers working, cooking, cleaning, taking us to the mall -but something always suffers.
Therefore even when I feel ostracized I can still feel strength and happiness when I have a pink moment.

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